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MassiveKun's News

Posted by MassiveKun - April 5th, 2021




Posted by MassiveKun - February 6th, 2021

Everyone in @Newgrounds. I have an announcement to make.

Chaos Faction, is one of the best platform fighters, made from flash...

Prove me wrong.

Which one is king... I dare you to say SSF2



Posted by MassiveKun - December 28th, 2020

Hey everyone, its me massive.

And I want to go ahead and say that I'm sorry for those who had big plains for 2020 that they never got to

execute properly, or plains that never saw the light of day.

This year was really unfortunate for many who endure saddening news of love ones lost to COVID-19.

Or those who's relationship with friends, family members or spouse was affected due to

miscommunication and quarantine.

Those who struggled to put out anything good this year i also am apologizing as well. I sure did struggle putting out content this year, was working on a game that barely got any where close to finish, and it effected my upload and motivation on making animation and other big projects.

But I'm still devoted to make it all up for everyone one who follows me and myself for purging my

upload schedule. I guess the only thing I can say is that I made TONS of music, and some weird art.

2021 will be filled with surprise, and I will make video's about my progress as well!

Here's whats to be expected.

A "New Game" for flash jam (Possibly)
Update Videos
Animated Shows

Overall I think we can all agree that 2020 failed to meet expectations for a new decade.

But 2021 is the next start.

There will be games, more music, animations and art!

But please understand that school is really important for me. And i'm also trying to get those trouble out the way.

Sometimes that's the reason why my content is postponed.

But i have plains that I've already planned out, now its time to act.

Also kudos to @TomFulp for giving me this marvelous drawing pad! This is the best gift I've gotten from someone on the internet. It's nice and wide and it gets the job done! And I promise to him, I'll even get better at what I do because of it.

Anyways. Thanks for reading and following up, and if you have the chance... please scout me so i can be on portal again.

I express my gratitude when i say... Thank you NewGrounds, for giving me the vision and letting me sport the opportunity.




Posted by MassiveKun - August 20th, 2020

Another planned month for the games release have been confirmed

Around "November" is when completion of the game is suppose to happen. I didn't give an exact date yet; but when i do, I can confirm it with many that the game is complete. Later down the line when development is going smooth I might give an exact date. For now, its suppose to be release on November. God Bless I finish this game




Posted by MassiveKun - April 5th, 2020

Hey there, im making a bumper, advertisement, and i need a voice actor to record a few line for me :D

  • want an actor who dosen't pay for money
  • male or female
  • an a calm voice

There you go :D

Pm me if you want to try it out.




Posted by MassiveKun - October 9th, 2019

Welcome to Massive inc

a copporation lead by Me and a group of.... anyone who wants to get sign up for a role

Massive.Inc makes games and art and produces music for the following bassbooost copporation

If you had a game or animation in mind you need help on

we at massive.inc wants to give you that push to make it.



Posted by MassiveKun - September 30th, 2019



Posted by MassiveKun - September 30th, 2019

The Sequel to Scrownchy Kombat 2 is now back on track! After a long pause.


- I started School Beginning of September

  • and a lot of work n stuff.
  • and i hate school.

- A little bug that can be easily fix almost stop the making of the game entirely

- Plains on other animation and games where in the works as well till i decide that this squeal was more important than the rest of my other projects.

- Was making too much music.

- Playing to much game (such as Roblox, Smash Bros, Brawlhalla, and Fortnite.... Yeah..... Fortnite)

And as a whole was to lazy to work on the game BUT! I will make sure that i get back on track with the game while i talk with other people about it *@pangeypants if your around discord me. No more leaving you on pause*

If you had have any questions feel free to comment down below and i'll get to them as quick as possible

also Demo is planned for release for download or on Newgrounds, maybe Kongregate, and for whatever other online free flash playing games manage to get the swf for some odd reason *im looking at you Y8 for not updating the 1st game.*

also i don't know the release of the game yet.

this game will have more updates promise prior to the first game. With as much characters/stages i can build.

Yes this game is built on flash so if you have Flash Cs6 down to flash 8 your accepted. (AS2) <--- This is a huge reminder for translators so i can edit the game.

also i will finish the game before translators can translate it because this game's file is huge huge huge.

i will post pictures and do streams to update on the game.


Also.... Plz play Scrownchy Kombat if you don't know what the game is and if you don't how the game works.


(i also do school so that will interrupt the development process by just a little so. yeah.)

Shoutout to my lovely language distributes:

TheNGVirus -Dutch Translator for Both Scrownchy Kombat 1 and 2

Cyberdevil - Swedish Translator for Both Scrownchy Kombat 1 and 2

realizaestudios - Espanol/Spanish Translator for Both Scrownchy Kombat 1 and 2

and more

*slot for Japanese*

*slot for German*

*slot for Russian*

The Scrownchy Kombat series is now known for one of my ambiguous works, so i will do the best i can to make this series development a memory not forgotten.

i will leave you of with just that after one more thing

for languages you must DM me in my newgrounds or gmail inbox, to get you signed up for a role for a language, who ever DM me first for these 3 languages will get the role.

Key to this development:..... Lets be patient about roles and other stuff aside.


There, i will leave you with that, till again.


Massive.Inc/BassBooost/© 2019



Posted by MassiveKun - September 29th, 2019




Posted by MassiveKun - September 28th, 2019